Summer hours:
Monday to Friday 8 - 3
Saturday and Sunday 8 - 5

El Sapo


Roast Style:

Light (211 degrees celsius)


Randolfo "El Sapo" Pacheo


Sansupo, Mataquescuintla, Guatemala


1750-1800 masl


Pache San Ramon


Washed. Cherries are collected daily and are depulped the same day in
Randolfo’s brand new beneficio, featuring a Penagos ecopulper. He leaves the coffee
to dry ferment for 36 hours, before placing it on raised beds to dry for 15-20 days.

Farmgate Price:

$2.90 usd/lb

Brew Methods:

Pour-over, drip


Graham Cracker, Toasted Grains, dark chocolate

"Randolfo, or El Sapo as he is affectionately called is a resilient person.  A couple of years back he had his entire crop devastated by a blight.  If he had access to some way to analyze the soil on his farm he may have been able to salvage some trees, but due to limited access to any resources, Randolfo uprooted all of the dead trees and planted different varieties in hope that the trees would be more resistant. 

Now, his farm produces very small lots.  In the area he is from, you have to produce a certain amount of coffee to access international markets.  Most small farmers will end up selling to a larger farm that processes the coffee and sells it as a blended lot but in the most recent years, the prices paid to farmers selling in this manner has been close to $0.15 per pound.  This wage is just not enough to live on.  So, Randolfo decided that he would process his own coffee.  He built a mill and drying beds on hiss farm where he processes the coffee you will enjoy. 

With the help of 'Cafe Colis Resistencia', a group of small farmers banding together to sell their coffee internationally, Randolfo is able to get his coffee to you!"