Summer hours:
Monday to Friday 8 - 3
Saturday and Sunday 8 - 5

San Jose Bourbon Natural


Roast Style:

Soft and Fruity (209 degrees C)


Juan Carlos Greeg




1450-1550 masl


Red Bourbon


Natural process, dried on raised beds

FOB Price:

$3.25 USD/lb

Brew Methods:

Pour over, Aeropress, French Press


Blueberry, pomegranate, rum, milk chocolate

"Juan Carlos Greeg is a pro.  When you look at the pictures taken from above of his farm, you can see that he is using a perfect blend of shade trees and coffee lots to balance wildlife and crop yield.  Why can't we farm like this in Canada!

This professionalism doesn't just stop at the farming level.  His processing and sorting is also done so well.  You will see a consistent and beautiful bean in your bag of coffee translating to a clean and exciting cup.  Enjoy it!  I bought all of the natural bourbon that he produced, so you won't get it again this year."