El Mikai is located in Nariño, San Juan de Pasto. Juan Carlos Hernandez Gaviria grows Castilo, Castillo Tambo, and Caturra varieties on this beautiful two-hectare farm. Cherries are carefully handpicked at its peak maturity to accentuate the cleanliness of the coffee. Juan Carlos and his son hand sort the coffees a second time before the coffee is processed.

After the fruit is removed from the pits, the coffee ferments in a porcelain tank before being washed and laid out on a cement patio to dry.

This is a classic coffee.  With nothing too adventurous, you'll love this as your day to day drink.  You can expect exciting notes of caramel and soft florals.

 Country Colombia
Farm La Mikai
Producer Juan Carlos Hernandez Gaviria
Region Narino
Process Washed
Drying Patio dried
Altitude 2000 masl
Varietals Caturra, castillo
Farm Gate Price $4.08 USD/lb
Flavour Notes Caramel, cacao, sweet florals