Summer hours:
Monday to Friday 8 - 3
Saturday and Sunday 8 - 5

Santa Cruz Decaf


Roast Style:

Long development medium (213 degrees C)


Pluma Hidalgo, Sierra Sur, Oaxaca, Mexico


1500-2200 masl



FOB Price:

$4.93 USD/lb


Washed process with Swiss Water Process decaffeination.

Brew Methods:

Filter, Espresso.


Classic peanut, hint of amaretto, rose, slick texture.

"The Plume-Hidalgo region is the namesake of the Plume varietal tree from which this coffee was harvested.  The region has recently become a hub of experimentation and specialty coffee growing and this coffee is a great example of the quality coming out of the region.  It presents itself at first like a classic coffee, but after a few sips it starts to unravel to reveal some more complex floral notes.  Enjoy the heck out of it!"