Summer hours:
Monday to Friday 8 - 3
Saturday and Sunday 8 - 5

One (Light)


Roast Style:

Light (209 Degrees Celsius)


Dafis Abafita


Oromia, Jimma zone, Goma Woreda, Ethiopia


2050 masl



FOB price:

$3.70 USD


Natural. Dafis harvests and processes cherries on his farm.  His coffee is dried naturally on raised beds for 15-17 days and then it is taken to a mill in Beshasha to remove dried husks.


Cream of Earl Grey, blueberry, bergamot, clean and beautiful.

"Dafis operates his own farm, and does not buy from outgrowers/neighbors. 90% of his harvest grades out to bean size at or above screen 14, which points to the special care he puts into picking at peak ripeness. Here in Beshasha, Dafis grew up farming coffee with his siblings and parents, and has lived here all his life. For most of the years managing his own farm he sold to one of the local Kata Muduga cooperatives, however, his history and knowledge in coffee farming and processing led him to step out on his own. In 2019 he began to export under his own license, and the positive results of this passion for coffee can be seen in the cup.

Beshasha, itself, is a famed town in Ethiopia, as it is one of the cultural and political centers of the Oromo region and culture. When growing up here, Dafis stayed back to support his family farm while a few others in his family went on to attend high school. His brother, Abiy Ahmed went on to be elected Prime Minister of Ethiopia in 2018, soon followed by the Nobel Peace Prize. Together, these two brothers represent not only a major victory for regional peace, but also a stake in the ground for Beshasha, the larger Agaro and Jimma regions and its central economic pride – coffee."